Finally, I pass my first AWS Developer Associate Certificated Exam!(Part-2)

First-of-all, this is just a record on how I pass my AWS Developer Associate Certificated Exam. The paragraph below is some of the notes that I take, while I am learning AWS certificated Exam. To get the part 1 information please click the link here :)

KMS & Encryption on AWS

The KMS is a Key Managed Service in Amazon, which is able to create and manage key, the KMS is able to encrypt data for your application.


Kinesis is a series of service that we can call it Kinesis family, these products are used for handling different data source or doing some data analysis.

Kinesis Stream (24hours-7 Days Retention)

able to build custom application that process data in realtime -> data stream & video stream

Kinesis Data Firehose (No Data Retention)

Capture, transform, load dat stream into AWS data store to enable near-realtime analysis with some BI tools.

Kinesis Data Analysis

Analyse, query and transform streamed data in real-time, using standard SQL, Store result with an AWS data store

Kinesis Shard

The data capacity of the stream is determined by the number of shard. If the data rate increase, can increase capacity on your stream by increasing number of shards.

AWS Developer Associate - Certificated